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Meet your future colleagues


Johanna began her career in the late 80s as a summer employee.

“I get to learn something new every day and have fun with colleagues”

Johanna works as a resource planner, as a part of a five-member WFM team. She started as a summer employee in the late 80s at the fault office of the Helsinki Telephone Association.

– I have had a variety of different roles throughout my long career. Previously, I have worked as both a customer service representative and a team coach. In my current job, my workday includes resource planning, as well as real-time monitoring of services and resources, and change management.

– Resource planning is heavily based on forecasting for the future to achieve the best results, and it requires looking both backward and forward in time. A crystal ball would be helpful in this regard. :) In real-time, we constantly monitor various systems to see how resources and needs match up and make changes as necessary.

– The work can be quite hectic at times, but it's diverse and helps maintain various skills.

– I have enjoyed all of my tasks, despite their unique challenges. The situation is always balanced by a relaxed and humorous atmosphere with colleagues.

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