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We are the electricity and energy industry’s customer service experts

A partner that brings deep knowledge of the field to your company’s customer service.
Electricity & energy companies

An excellent customer service equals an outstanding customer experience

New areas of development and services such as solar energy, charging stations for electric cars, district heating, and different types of broadband solutions demand a knowledgeable customer service department in electricity and energy companies.

Customers expect service at different times of day, in a wide range of channels. At the same time, the sector’s companies have to guarantee 100% reliable and functional solutions when large-scale power failures or outages occur.

Did you know that the interaction with a customer service agent may be the customer’s only personal contact with your company? This point of contact can thus be crucial to the customer experience.

Electricity & energy companies

Help your customers in an even better way

icon-energy-square Ensure 100% accessibility when large-scale failures occur  
icon-energy-square Grow sales through customer service  
icon-energy-square Increase the use of digital services  
icon-energy-square Understand how to help your customers with new service areas such as solar panels  
icon-energy-square Use customer service as sales channel  
icon-energy-square Improve the customer experience  
Customer case

Turku Energia

Number one in customer satisfaction

Turku Energia, the leading energy company in Southwest Finland, outsourced its customer service to Dynava in the autumn of 2020. A little over a year later, Turku Energia ranked first in the customer satisfaction survey of its industry in Finland.


Ensure 100% accessibility when large-scale failures occur

Make sure your customer service team is prepared for unexpected larger failures, for instance as a result of extreme weather events. In such moments, your customer service and 24-hour accessibility become particularly important. A reliable and efficient customer service partner that can manage all failures, large as well as small, brings many advantages to your company when the weather puts pressure on the business.


Grow sales through customer service

Customer service is often the customer’s only personal contact with your company. Make sure to make the most of these valuable interactions by providing the best customer experience possible. The customer contact also present an opportunity for additional sales. A sales-driven customer service can lower churn and loss of customers. Cross-selling new services and upgrading service levels in contracts are effective ways to add sales in a personal way based on the customer’s needs. Apart from incoming contacts we also support businesses with outgoing contacts, for instance by contacting customers that have cancelled their contracts.


Increase the use of digital services

Customer service can guide your customers and help them serve themselves through digital channels. This reduces the workload over time, as more and more customers solve simpler queries on their own. Increasing the level of self service, developing and implementing digital customer service solutions are strategic goals for many of today’s companies. We can help transfer valuable information for the development of such digital services, for instance with regards to frequently asked questions.


Understand how to help your customers with new service areas such as solar panels

The energy business is changing fast, as new products and solutions are introduced. Your customer service representatives need to keep up. Our long experience of collaborating with electricity and energy companies makes us uniquely well positioned in terms of sector knowledge, and we always stay on top of the latest developments. Our agents are in the know not only about ‘traditional’ services such as electricity contracts and grids. We also interact daily with customers who want to discuss areas such as solar panels, wind power, and charging stations.


Use customer service as sales channel

Customer service is often the customer’s only personal contact with your company. A well-managed, sales-driven customer service can decrease the amount of cancellations and extend the customer relation. Added sales of new services and upgrades in service levels are tried and tested methods to increase total sales in a customer-oriented way.


Improve the customer experience

Electricity and energy companies that focus on customer service have an edge on a market where the product itself is generic and hard for the consumer to differentiate. You need to be accessible, reply fast, and offer a great customer experience in any channel, at any time. You can improve customer satisfaction by staying open longer, adding service channels, and employing knowledgeable and motivated customer service agents. As the content of your customer service offering is expanded and improved, deeper knowledge is needed. We offer solutions at different levels: from initial contact to customer service experts with deep knowledge of the subject matter.

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