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A word from our clients


Deep industry knowledge

We run the customer service of many leading Nordic businesses. This has given us a unique understanding and experience from the field, providing us with solid knowledge about many industries.

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    Parcel logistics expertise laid the groundwork for best-in-class customer service

    Pakettipiste is the finish newspaper distributor Lehtipiste’s country-wide network of parcel lockers. The customers can have their parcels delivered to the lockers, while also being in control of exchanges and returns via these automated parcel terminals. Pakettipiste offers the fastest deliveries in Finland: a parcel can be delivered to the correct locker in less than a day, with pick-ups in the morning between 04:00 and 09:00.

    Dynava built a trustworthy and highly skilled customer service department for Pakettipiste, offering very fast response times. This means that the team work 24/7 using phone, chat, and email. Customers are guided and shown how to use the parcel lockers, and if the question is to do with an earlier phase in the logistics chain, the service makes sure the customer is connected to the right person.

    “Dynava knows and understands our industry. This fact – combined with their fine-tuned processes for customer service, service channels, and customer relations – makes them an excellent partner.”

    Erik Vehman, Sales Director, Pakettipiste

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    Dynava is an extension of us

    With some 320 gas stations and more than 40,000 direct-delivery customers, Qstar supply fuel for both private individuals and companies across the whole of Sweden.

    In autumn 2019, fuel supplier Qstar decided to find an external partner that could handle the night support. They chose Dynava. Today, account manager Annika Kirmeier deems the collaboration a wholehearted success. – Up until that point we were loosing steam.

    “When we found Dynava, they felt like a secure partner to hand over the night support to. It’s a decision we’ve never regretted.”

    Annika Kirmeier, Account Manager, Qstar

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    Reverse phone lookup and customer service for people with disabilities

    People with disabilities that make them incapable of searching for numbers online or in printed publications might be eligible for free reverse phone lookup services with 118 400. Every year, some 16,000 users make an estimated 580,000 calls.

    This procurement calls for a thoroughly available, high-quality service. The delivery is guaranteed using an updated database, operational reliability, staffing competence, and a well-trained team that helps the customer reach the service fast and with the appropriate service, no matter the day of the year or the hour of the day. Our statistical follow-up shows the typical user reaches the service in 3.6 seconds.

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