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Tanya has worked as a customer service agent at Dynava (previously with Samres) in Chisinau, Moldova since 2017.

“Working in an international community with colleagues from different parts of the world is an experience that I truly enjoy”

Tanya uses all five of her languages - Russian, Norwegian, Romanian, English, and Swedish - daily, allowing her to communicate effectively with a diverse range of individuals and provide exceptional customer service.

– I assist customers in finding optimal routes, provide updates on transportation changes, and offer advice on ticketing and the best ways to have a smooth travel experience.

– I'm passionate about my current role because I'm able to make a tangible impact on the daily lives of many people. Finding solutions to problems and seeing logistics in action brings me great satisfaction. Additionally, I genuinely enjoy interacting with people and believe in the power of effective communication, knowledge, compassion, and care. I strive to incorporate these attributes in every conversation I have.

– I take great pleasure in working within an international community and collaborating with colleagues from diverse regions. It's an aspect of my job that I value highly.

– I have a fantastic team of colleagues who are always willing to share their expertise, whether it's IT-related or professional knowledge. Our strong sense of teamwork is a source of enjoyment and creates positive vibes that I appreciate greatly.

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