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Meet your future colleague


With 18 years at Dynava, WFM specialist Kristian can be called a loyal employee. He ensures that Dynava always has the right person with the right skills in the right place.

“The digitalisation of our industry is incredibly exciting”

Kristian works as a WFM specialist and resource planner at Dynava, and his career with us began in 2003.

22 years ago, Kristian took his first steps into the contact center industry through the staffing company Manpower, and he went on to work for companies such as Telia and ComHem.

– I soon began working with IT support, and then with resourcing. At that time, we worked a lot on the spot and made emergency interventions and redirected queues to meet our clients' demands for short response times. After about 18 years at Dynava, Kristian still finds it just as fun and challenging.

– Making accurate forecasts and finding the right staffing for each assignment is an art. Doing it every quarter around the clock, both in the moment and with foresight, is a task that is never complete. Workforce Management is all about having the right agent with the right skills at the right time.

– My experience of working as a customer service agent has also been a great asset in my work. I was recruited in 2003 to the then Eniro, now Dynava. Nowadays, I focus more on planning and preparation to be able to take urgent actions when needed.

I love challenges and the constant opportunity to learn and grow, especially when faced with new situations. That's what makes the job so enjoyable. In addition, the digital development within our industry is incredibly exciting. But if Dynava hadn't been such a great employer and I hadn't had such great colleagues, I would never have stayed for so long. After 18 years, it's still fun to go to work.

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